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The Voice of Asian American Business in Virginia and the U.S Mid Atlantic Region
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The Power of Knowledge and Connectivity

We’re one of the most highly educated workforce in the nation. And our business membership is a key factor for success of the robust and thriving economy of Virginia and the U.S Mid Atlantic Region.




Covid-19 Global Crisis Alert


Asian American Business Assistance Center Business Multilingual Counseling Schedule 

The Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce ‘s AABAC counseling and economic development specialist staff will be working remotely from March and May in a virtual capacity.  Our leadership, staff and and core business volunteers are professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs who are native Korean-Vietnamese-Chinese- Hindi-Arabic – Tagalog, and French and Spanish speakers.   Our mult-lingual counselors offer you coaching, mentorship, and procurement guidance and all professional counseling sessions are conducted via email, telephone, and group webinars or group telephone conferences.

During Covid-19 crisis: We are also planning on series of webinars throughout COVID-19 crisis through late May.   We will make all events announcements as they come via social media and at our website through May.   Please contact us at tel: 804 502 8081 or email us at and we will return your call within 24 hours as during this crisis all our local offices are experiencing a higher volume of inquiries but we are here to fully serve all members’ needs.

About the Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce

The Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce (VACC) was created in 2004  to promote, advance, and encourage both domestic and international commerce.  Before we became incorporated, we worked for eight (8) years as an active volunteer community and business based entity serving small businesses since 1996.

With a membership of 2,000+ active firms in Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia, The Carolinas, Georgia, and Alabama, and more than 2,000 associated members, employing over 200,000 Virginians alone, the Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce is formally recognized as “The Voice of Asian Business” representing 97,000 Asian owned businesses , the premier Asian American business organization to enhance competitiveness and promote commerce among Asian American business communities.


The VACC brings together potential business partners through networking events, forums, personal one on one match making based on our network of more than 17 years, business conferences/ summits, round table discussion forums, and personal introductions and individual referrals. As a member of the National Asian Chamber of Commerce ‘s powerful Asian Chambers network in the nation, we are the Voice of Asian Business.


The VACC keeps our membership abreast of Virginia and the nation’s most current procurement and industry information through weekly powerful one on one matchmaking, webinars, “Lunch and learns,” “BASH”, events, membership briefings, and specialized and targeted industry partnership committee meetings, while providing members with venues to contribute ideas and solutions to concerns that impact the VACC membership.

We also promote trade show exhibition of products and services and networking opportunities with prospective customers to help you grow international sales.


The Virginia Asian Chamber is the primary advocate for the interests of the Asian American business community. Since 2004, we develop solutions and opportunities for our membership and Asian communities. As a member, you benefit by having a voice in the organization that sets the course for the future of the Asian American entrepreneurial growth.

VACC is a non-profit C6 organizations and all donations are tax-deductible.

Virginia Asian Foundation ‘s Workforce Development Program


Our 3 scholarship winners were honored at The 11th Annual Asian Gala 2019 at the Five Star Jefferson Hotel, Richmond, Virginia.

The mission of the Virginia Asian Foundation’s  Asian Student Scholarship program, as part of the organization powerful workforce Development program is to promote the entrepreneurial spirit in Asian American students within the context of global business opportunities and challenges.

To be eligible, applicants must be current college-bound senior high school students and Undergraduate (only) students who are enrolled in a Virginia institution of higher education (Colleges or universities undergraduates), during Spring 2019, from any majors, and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Generally, VAF award winners are selected based on a combination of academic performance, leadership character, and records of giving back to the community.




Coming to Virginia in Fall 2020: Global Economic Summit

In 2019, VACC Executive Director My Lan Tran, assisted the Embassy of India in the USA with several of its investment and trade projects/trade missions. The Embassy of India and VACC now have been connecting regularly via several meetings at the Embassy.

Both organizations have the vision to collaborate in a near future to promote India-Virginia trade.   During 2018  VACC leadership and its NOVA membership assisted the Embassy of the Philippines in the USA connect with members of the Virginia Commerce and Trade Secretariat.   The Embassy of the Philippines and VACC remain connected and we also plan on creating a Philippines-Virginia Global Economic Summit in 2020 or 2021.



Buyers Are Lining Up for 4th Annual ProcureCon Hampton Roads – August 26, 2020


This 2020 iconic  Industry Day event will be held on August 26, 2020 in Hampton City!

We have outstanding  programming partnership, sponsorship, and advertising opportunities to accommodate our growing followers trusting on our brand.

We are honored to have already established a waiting list for participating exhibiting Buyers. If interested in being an Exhibitor and / or a Sponsor, please contact us at:





The 7th Annual ProcureCon NOVA Buyer EXPO 2020


Tuesday October 20, 2020 * Fairfax * Virginia

We will again bring together 25 buyers and 250 suppliers to meet with dozens of federal- state, local NOVA agencies, and prime contractor representatives for one full day filled with prospecting, face to face match making, and business development activities. 

This focused event has so far served more 4,000 diverse suppliers and more than 400 major organizations seeking qualified vendors in all business sectors. Exhibitors package is now made available.

Please contact Trade Show Manager at: –   Registration website: Open in June 2020.  



Check out our Event Calendars


Virginia Asian Chamber, with the collaboration of our partners, the top executives from Virginia’s largest enterprises, policy experts, members of the Virginia Administration, and elected officials, will be hosting a dozen of signature events to advance the Chamber’s small business advocacy goals.

VACC signature 2020 Bi Monthly -state wide Industry Partnership Mixers,  Procurement BASH Networking events, Economic and Industry Summits, and Bi Annual B2B-B2G Forums bring together thousands of businesses for win-win partnerships.

Our signature Regional match making events, Networking Mixers, and Conferences have helped hundreds of VACC members to become Top Asian Companies in the Nation.



Bring your enterprises to the NEXT level!


Ready to grow your business?

Staffed by a (3) three times national award winning counselors from the SBA for Region 3 and the Commonwealth of Virginia, we are the organization you can turn to for business  development plan redesign, domestic and international business assistance, selling to the government and large commercial companies.

Access our EVENTS PAGE to view details.

  • Our BASH Networking Mixers and Referral Service connects professionals-businesses to one another in various regions. We serve an average of more than 2,000 businesses ‘ development needs annually.



Join VACC Business Ambassador Program! 


Interested in growing your own brand? Passionate about the VACC brand of service and focused small business assistance and mission?

VACC Champions promote the Asian Chamber mission with their own customers in the marketplace based on the business goals for their own brand.

Consider joining us as an Ambassador? Contact us at and be ready to lead and grow your bottom line.



As a Multi National Award Winning Asian Chamber ( U.S Small Business Administration’s Champions of Small and Minority Businesses of 2010 and 2011 for both Virginia and U.S Region 3,  VACC Leaders together with over 500  years of business experience cordially invite you to join us today and enjoy high level domestic and global business development activities and business coaching, plus:

  • Enjoy capacity building events, social networking events, match making, referrals, face to face match making, and brand promotion.
  • Gain direct access to career and job opportunities
  • Receive nomination for our Annual Asian American Student Scholarships
  • Opportunities to be our statewide Conferences and Event Sponsors.




The 16th Annual ProcureCon Buyer EXPO 2021


May 2021 * Richmond  * Virginia

We will again bring together 300+ suppliers to meet with dozens of local, state, federal agencies, and prime contractor representatives for one full day filled with prospecting, one on one match making, and business development activities. 

This focused event has so far served more 3500 diverse suppliers and more than 300 major organizations seeking qualified vendors in all business sectors.

Exhibitors package is now made available. Please contact Trade Show Manager at:

Registration website:  Open in Winter 2021.  

Questions? Drop us a line at: 



The 12th Annual Asian Chamber Gala 2020

December 1, 2020 at The Jefferson Hotel

This is a platform intended to foster conversation among our corporate sponsors and philanthropists on how service influence social change. Program includes:

Investing in Education Through Our Student Scholarships

Scholarships will be awarded to the  three (3) most deserved students.  Application packages will be made available online in June 2020.

Celebrating Global Cultures

Exhibits from exotic Asian nations are displayed by Asian Embassies. Participating country delegates so far include China, Thailand,  Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Mongolia, Japan, India, Mongolia, and Korea.  The Annual Night Walk In the Garden of Cultures, our new signature artistic program features traditional performances from regional and national artists by 40 artists.

Global Connections

This focused program is customized specifically for the government and global diplomats and by invitation only.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Contact Gala Program Manager at : for details.

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