About The Virginia Asian Foundation

The Virginia Asian Foundation – a bonafide IRS C3 Non Profit Charitable organization headquartered in Virginia –  creates service and educational opportunities to raise charitable funds to help the Asian American Business Assistance Center (AABAC) dba Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce (VACC) address a growing and complex set of skills training, entrepreneurship development, talent development, and wellness challenges, while focusing our attention to a historical lack of equity and inclusion needs among Asian American and other under-served, diverse, and disadvantaged communities we serve with proven results via program focus and excellence.

Through charitable support, the Foundation is dedicated to help VACC-AABAC create and sustain healthy, vibrant, and diverse minority ethnic communities, thus, advancing economic growth among marginalized communities in the Commonwealth of Virginia – US Mid Atlantic region with concrete results and progresses.

In partnership with our funders, since 2006 we have been able to serve the greater good in ways far beyond the standard economic realities of workforce development, economic development, talent and youth development, and community wellness.

Charity donations and support offered to the Foundation have so far helped the communities to elevate the quality of life of the under-served, Limited English Speaking (LEP) resident youth and adults, mature workers (55+) , the multi-ethnic small – micro businesses in urban and rural areas by providing entrepreneurship development education, skills training support, workforce development and wellness support, allowing communities we serve to thrive with economic growth through quality and fair housing; fair access to capital, basic transportation and environmental quality, basic quality of life criteria and resources of which many under-served community members often do not have equal access and support to, nor can they afford to have it.

The Foundation helps AABAC -VACC to create and fund programs, purchase technology software, office equipment, and pay for education/training services, human resources to coordinate community support activities, conduct career counseling, mentoring, and coaching, and conducting community research and implement small business surveys; produce hundreds of professionally translated materials in dozens of Asian languages spoken by top demographics population in the Mid Atlantic, and act as key leadership liaison between the Asian communities and Virginia’s K-12 schools system as well as higher education, and advocate actively by working with state, local policy makers, which, without our efforts, Virginia would not be able to see a flourished Asian American community progress in a broad spectrum of socio-cultural and economic growth as we see it today in Virginia.

As a result, an investment in the communities represent significant potential to drive economic and job growth and creation for the Commonwealth and nation  and our solid and long lasting 14 years partnership with all our funders has resulted in 17 billion dollars in economic output between 2007 and today for Virginia alone.

Through more than 17 community volunteer projects during Covid 19 pandemic alone, Virginia Asian Foundation  is well-positioned to scale up our efforts to combat diversity, equity, and inclusion focus by expanding our scope of services to a broad spectrum of  marginalized communities, expanding our outreach and support to those hit hardest by the crisis, the micro-immigrants small, younger entrepreneurs, and 55+ older, minority businesses that have suffered the most due to social distancing, shops closing, contract stagnation, lack of work, and intensified racial discrimination caused by the origin of the virus.

Support from our funders have helped unlock our robust network of community leaders volunteers, advisors ‘s collective efforts in the community and have generated tremendous economic and moral support from our funders as well as from the communities themselves.  We look forward to working with all our partners to grow our service scope and to help secure a better trained, healthier, equitable, and more resilient community.   In brief, in order to meet the present and future demands of care in the communities we serve, Virginia Asian Foundation depends on contributions from people who believe in our service focus and areas of concentration in empowering those who cannot speak for themselves due to language, cultural, social discrimination, and unequal opportunities.

Virginia Asian Foundation is grateful for our partners’ support throughout the Commonwealth of our focus in service in excellence. Because of their generosity, the Foundation continues to expand our community network growth thus continuing to create innovative projects while expanding our focus to a wide range of skills training and entrepreneurship development needs of the under-served.  We invite you to send us an email to receive our regular program updates. Join our Mailing List today by emailing: mylantran@aabac.org


Virginia Asian Foundation Offers Student Internship and Mentoring Opportunity



Join us !  Virginia Asian Foundation offer students interested in obtaining a unique multi-cultural and business an invaluable internship experience with the Asian Chamber in its community outreach, and  education programs for students majored in  public relations, arts, and communications. Mentoring and coaching will be provided to students from all majors. We look for students interested in performing learning services through:

  1. Asian Community outreach
  2. Events management  – Logistics – Customer service
  3. Journalism/public relations/entrepreneurship development/global commerce
  4. Graphic design/marketing
  5. Day to day operations of a non profit educational and advocacy association                                                                                                                  

Work site location:  Virtual internship opportunities during the pandemic in 2020 until Summer 2021

  • Hours: Flexible work schedule* Mentoring will be part of the internship.
  • Academic credit:  academic credit can be arranged. this intense internship as earned undergraduate and graduate students for academic credits at the 3.00 or 4.00 credit level classes, or direct study.
  • Intern task description:    tasks will be customized for each student based on students major and interest-  majority of tasks are professional level- with emphasis on graphic design using Photo shop – Adobe- WordPress – Social media.


Junior level and up –  graduate and undergraduate college students majored in all majors related to  business- languages-social studies- communications- journalism- international studies. must have lap tops. Microsoft suite- photo shop (preferred)

Learning benefits 

Exposure to statewide business membership-community, small business, corporate world, non profits, service agencies, Asian embassies located in D.C area.  Contact:   Ms. My Lan Tran * www.aabac.org – email: aabac@aabac.org – Please send a resume.