Special Member Programs:

For VACC Members Only

Small Business Assistance

  • Thanks to the on-going generous support of our funders and partners, the Chamber sponsors and/or co-sponsors a free Small Business Assistance program to improve the economic strength of Virginia’s neighborhood through its small businesses.
  • To this end, the Asian Chamber developed programs and opportunities exclusively to registered VACC members.  VACC and our partners offer customized and one-on-one assistance to start ups in areas such as:

Three-tract highlights:


More connections mean more business: “VACC Membership Difference”

VACC Referral Program helps you leverage your existing business network to generate highly qualified referral leads via business opportunities outreach events, news, press releases from our buying community.

The result is a steady stream of timely, qualified leads from VACC trusted buyers , and a higher probability of converting these leads into actual contracting opportunity and revenue.

B.COUNSELING (VACC and Referrals For Members Only)

  1. Accounting and finance management
  2. Branding and Marketing – Business Plan Development
  3. Customer service – Operations Management – Financing
  4. Technology – Social – Digital Media Marketing
  5. International Business in partnership with local Exports Promotion Partners state wide

C. EVENTS (VACC hosted or co-hosted)

  1. VACC Business networking and / or referrals to co-hosted networking events- business certifications
  2. Referrals to business development seminars, forums, and mini-workshops

International Business Management Counseling

Our Two-tract highlights:

A. COUNSELING (VACC and Referrals Service for Members Only)

  1. International Business Plan Development guidance/referrals
  2. International Business Marketing
  3. Best International Market Research
  4. B. EVENTS (VACC hosted or co-hosted)

1. Monthly business networking

2. Referrals to practical international domestic business development seminars, forums, and mini-workshops

3. Referrals to our various VACC International Business programs in partnership with local Exports Promotion Partners statewide

All interested VACC members are to contact us to inquire more details at aabac@aabac.org