Dear Members and Investors,

Since 2004, I am greatly honored to have taken on the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors for the prestigious statewide Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce (VACC).

As the VACC is the “Public Voice of 48,5000 + Asian Business in Virginia”, with a robust and growing 5,000 members network in Virginia and the U.S Southern States, and as we celebrated our 12th year anniversary, one thing is so universally true to me: VACC is the most influential business membership organization for all types of businesses to grow through strategic connection and relationship building.

VACC directly helps our members gain connections and access to decision makers. We are also a strong player having an active role and in helping the Virginia and the federal government and private sector move Virginia and the nation forward by supporting legislators with local, state, and federal legislative positions on key issues that advance the state ‘s overall business competitiveness.

Globally: We help our state and local economic development leaders with international connections from Asian countries such as Hong Kong, China India, and the eleven A.S.E.A. N county and markets.

In Virginia and in the Southern States: We advocate for a need to diversify our state economy, improve our transportation system and the environment, and strengthen our workforce development.

In the nation: We advocate for a need to empower more Asian business owners to leverage their competitiveness through the competitive procurement game, export activities, and engaging in world trade and international investments.

I thank the entire Board of Directors, our Executive Director, and hundreds of sponsors, VACC champions , students, and community volunteers who have lend a hand to help me lead and serve as your Chairman in the past 12 years as VACC continues to help the Commonwealth to remain its prime position as one among the top competitive location to start, grow, and develop a business in the nation and world.