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Do You Know?  VACC Executive Leadership is a Double National Award Winning Leadership!

In May 2007 and 2009, The Small Business Administration – – honored both the Chairman and Executive Director of the Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce (VACC) as Minority Small-Business Champions of the Years 2007 and 2009, consecutively.

Mr. Tinh Phan, chairman of the Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce, won the Virginia Small Minority Business Champion of 2009.

Ms. My Lan Tran, VACC Co-Founder and Volunteer Executive Director won the the same  SBA Virginia Small Minority Business Champion Award in 2007 for both Virginia and SBA Region 6, which includes Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and Washington.

“Really and truly that is a big surprise,” said Phan, who founded the chamber in 2004 and helped to grow it to a nearly 300 member organization. Don’t you think we have a responsibility to pay back to the community?” Mr. Phan said, saying he never expected to be recognized.

“The individuals we are honoring represent the finest traits of American entrepreneurial spirit and we are proud to recognize their accomplishments,” the district director of the SBA’s Richmond office, said in a news release.

Both and several other distinguished business leaders were honored at a May luncheon at the VACC member, the Jefferson Hotel, during Virginia’s Small Business Week attended by 500 guests coming from all over the Commonwealth and other SBA’s Region 6 states.