Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce Develops Global Business Partnership with National Mongolia  Chamber of Commerce and Industry  

mongolian chamber

On September 13, 2015, the VACC hosted an international business coalition meeting with Ms. Onya  Lkhavgaaa, the USA Representative of a major Central Asia’s Chamber of Commerce, the National Mongolia  Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NMCCI) in Richmond, Virginia.  Ms. Lkhavgaaa arrived to Richmond together with another Mongolian business leader, Ms. Arema Marder.

Created originally as an NGO organization, NMCCI was founded on July 1, 1960 as a “Chamber of Commerce”.

Since 1990 and the end of the socialist system, MNCCI established itself as a Mongolia’s leading non-governmental institution devoted to the development of trade and investment in Mongolia’s business community, and representing the government of Mongolia.

Like VACC, the MNCCI is helping Mongolian small and medium-size enterprises to promote their businesses through its business advocacy and SME development activities.


Like VACC, NMCCI’s main activities include:

1. Operating public-private sector counseling committees

2. Promoting export and SMEs

3. Organization of business missions, international exhibitions, and trade fairs

5. Exchanging business and investment information

Based in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, this active Central Asia business membership organization has 200 employees and local offices active in 26 countries in 5 continents.

As an NGO, the organization also arbitrates foreign trade disputes.

Both agencies discussed possibility of establishing a MOU of collaboration to generate trade and investment activities to benefit Virginia and Mongolia’s SMEs/both Mongolia and Virginia government’s larger size corporate members interested in investing in Mongolia and Virginia.