TRADE  WINDS FORUM-MALAYSIAN EMBASSYVACC Executive Director My Lan Tran on August 12, 2015  networked with senior ASEAN and Malaysian Trade Ministers and high ranking business policy officials at ASEAN U.S. Trade Winds Forum, which is a quarterly event hosted on rotation at the ASEAN Embassies in Washington, DC.

This is a policy and business forum focused on increasing the understanding between American and ASEAN Small and Medium Enterprise Communities hosted this quarter by the VACC’s partner, the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce.

Trade Winds- with Malaysian Embassy Staff

The Forum Keynote Speaker was High Excellency Datuk Awang Adek Hussin, Ambassador of Malaysia to the United States

Panel Speakers include top officials from the Office of ASEAN and the Pacific Basin at U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Counselors, and Business Policy Directors.

As one of the most open economic regions in the world, ASEAN has over $1.2 trillion in total merchandise exports – about 54% of total ASEAN GDP and 7% of global exports; therefore, maintaining a stable maritime security is key to ASEAN’s growth and sustainability.