Virginia State Asian Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Director My Lan Tran today announced that the Asian Chamber and the City of Richmond’s Economic Development Division, through a special VACC International Business project, will be working with Miss Lindsey Kha, a Business major student from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business as Miss Kha will be studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Both Miss Kha and VACC will work together on international trade and investment research internship program to explore the international business climate of Hong Kong to help VACC understand further Hong Kong’s investment and trade climate and entrepreneurship development model of Hong Kong  government.

During her internship  Lindsey expects to work closely with Hong Kong University, its government, and she expects to connect with Hong Kong private sector to identify specific business cases in which data can be used. 

“ Working with the talented VCU students gave us a different perspective on what the business environment in Hong Kong , said Tinh Phan, VACC Chairman.”