The Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce was founded to protect the interests of 47,500+ (and growing) Asian Pacific American businesses in the Commonwealth of Virginia (and in the Southern States such as the Carolinas, Georgia, Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia) where a growing number of VACC members are. We champion the vitality, profitability, and economic strength of our fast growing business membership. Since 2005, in Washington and all around the country, VACC works actively with the White House, the Administration, and beginning in 2014, we have collaborated with other fellow Asian Chambers to promote Asian American business entrepreneurship at the national level.

In Virginia, we work with Virginia legislators and the administration to build a climate in which small Asian American businesses can thrive. With Asian American’s and Pacific Islanders representing the true fabric of the American economy, we also care about American jobs and communities.  As Americans make purchasing decisions every day we need to understand the real impact that these decisions have on the local communities. The Asian Chamber helps the government and community understand the fundamental link between America’s purchasing habits and this impact on vitality of the American communities: To empower America we must align purchasing choice with positive economic and community wellness outcomes.

Asian American Entrepreneurs, JOIN US! Community leaders, political leaders, and business leaders, JOIN US! Community members and professionals, JOIN US! If you care about a stronger and more diverse American small business community – Join the Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce!