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To Improve the Quality of Life of Asian Pacific American Communities via Economic Development,  Workforce Development, Civic Empowerment, and  Community  Education Activities 


What is the Virginia Asian Foundation (VAF) 

Created in 2006, Virginia Asian Foundation is a bonafide-certified IRS C3 Non Profit business organization in the Commonwealth of Virginia which promotes education and civic empowerment activities to encourage Asian Americans to realize the American dream.


As Sister Agency of the Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce (VACC), VAF funds all education and community development activities of the VACC.


VAF has a grass-roots network of more than 250 young and adult volunteers from statewide-diverse Asian and mainstream Virginia communities committed to activities set forth by our mission.  Our volunteers are: Community members-entrepreneurs-youth-college and academic members from various sectors and social networks.

VAF Signature Programs  

The Foundation implements:

1. An annual Asian scholarship program which awards students for their academic performance excellence.

2. A signature Asian workforce development program to foster personal leadership and service excellence among Asian Pacific American professionals through CareerConnect, VAF’s signature workforce development network  of Asian professionals.

3. An annual Leadership Awards Program which annually awards outstanding public servants for their community leadership and service excellence.

4. An outreach and intervention-counseling education program to encourage students from disadvantaged families to stay in school and pursue higher education and to prevent drop out among disadvantaged, hard-to-reach, and at-risk students in Virginia communities

6. Formalized Asian cultural education activities (classes, training, seminars, forums, workshops)

True to our mission to elevate the quality of Asian American Pacific Islanders to help them make the most of their lives in America, Virginia Asian Foundation has the goals to educate 5,000 Asian community members annually. As of today our accomplishments include:

  1. Cultural integration into the American mainstream
  2. Cultural preservation and cultural sharing
  3. Individual civic empowerment issue
  4. Entrepreneurship education – Financial literacy
  5. Environmental education and awareness
  6. Workforce development and training
  7. Economic empowerment
 In summary:  Virginia Asian Foundation has impacted greatly on the increase in the quality of life and awareness of the Asian Pacific Islanders residents in Virginia at large.  We touched more than 10,000 individual Asian community members since 2004.  Our accomplishments include:

1. Making weekly home visits seeing families and communities from their own homes and volunteer at fairs, festivals, and educated them on cultural integration into the mainstream

2. Offering resources on education, energy sharing, entrepreneurship,  and civic empowerment to more than 3,000 members among our statewide Asian communities

3. Helping to improve communication skills by offering counseling more than 50 students annually

4.Offering career planning- coaching for more than 120 young professionals annually and engaging 400 individuals annually at our annual leadership award

5. Working directly and partnering with 13 and more Asian cultural groups on preservation of one’s cultures

6. Engaging more than 350 community members annually during our annual legislative civic education session

7. Benefiting and helping to create jobs for 5,000 statewide Asian entrepreneurs annually at our education classes, forums, seminars

8. We help 300 non-insured members each quarter to receive free health care through community partnership

9. Partnering with  more than 12  non profit groups to directly promote financing literacy education and energy sharing,  state and local law enforcement to promote resources on community d=safety

10. Providing monthly virtual education during the Covid-19 pandemic, individual safety- wellness- crime prevention at our annual law enforcement meetings, serving 1,000 members. Community members feel safer and more connected to their law enforcement friends.

11 Partnering with the medical community to help with education on disease prevention through Bon Secours Health System and VCU Health System.  As a result: We have made a critical intervention and impact on the society at large to be more keenly aware of the poverty and less fortunate among many marginal and underserved communities.

To outreach to VAF or to make donations to our C3 Charity organization, please contact us!

VAF Key Contact :  Ms My Lan Tran, VAF Foundation Administrator at: