Virginia Asian Foundation

Signature Workforce Development Project

A Pan Asian Professional Development Initiative 

CareerConnect, a Workforce Development Project is officially upported by AT & T, ALTRIA, and DOMINION ENERGY.  The iconic Professional Development Committee supports emerging professional members and the young Pan Asian professionals at-large by providing them with career counseling, jobs and career information, coaching, mentoring and referrals to career resources on a daily basis. Todate we have served over 300 young professionals across Virginia and the Tri States,


Cultural Academy and workforce Development and Education: For Corporate Members

VACC designs and implements series of training seminars for VACC corporate members and mainstream American marketplace and government agencies such as:

  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Public and private schools (K-12)
  • Museums and historical development agencies
  • School superintendents
  • Health Care Agencies’ Human Resources Department
  • Workforce development agencies
  • Human Resources Departments of various companies
  • Law firms
  • US companies with global operations
  • The Military Statewide (Fort Belvoir- Fort Lee- Fort Eustis)

CareerConnect classes taught by VACC

  1. Conflict Resolution techniques
  2. International communication competency
  3. Valuing Diversity at the Workplace
  4. Entrepreneurship as a Career Choice

CareerConnect Pan Asian Professional Development Committee

The Pan Asian Professional Development Committee (which includes the VACC Executive Director, selected VACC Asian and non Asian professionals, VACC corporate members) often calls on the involvement of a combination of VACC leadership, Asian and other professionals; regional economic development agencies, universities, entrepreneurs, and company executives to help with program design and implementation.

Career Connect Program Committee Membership

Career Connect program designs activities which:

  1. Promotes Pan Asian American career development growth, jobs and career information sharing from VACC corporate members
  2. Addresses the concerns of VACC professional members while offering everyone excellent networking opportunities
  3. Host regional quarterly networking events with focus on Leadership and Excellence in Service
  4. Volunteer Community Members include: Patrick Jocson-Duoc Thanh- Lisa Jocson- Hiren Kotak- Aaron Edeje – Grace Ahn – Ariane De Sousa