VAF Board of Directors

VAF Chairman of the Board

Tinh D. Phan, Chairman, PNC Group

VAF Directors

1.   Becky Merritt, Dominion

2.   Irene Wong, Chinese-Asian community member

3.   Dale Cannaday, Retired SunTrust Bank President

4.   David A. Kaechele,  Henrico Board of Supervisor

VAF Volunteers

Since 2004, VACC has successfully engaged the active participation of more than 400 volunteers statewide volunteers. VACC volunteers are:

  • Leading Fortune 100 + corporated leaders
  • Philanthropists
  • Elected officials
  • Statewide members of the academia
  • Statewide selected members of the Asian community
  • Asian entrepreneurs
  • Pan Asian professionals
  • Asian American students and students from mainstream Virginia public and private colleges and universities 

VAF Program Committees

VAF Program Committees are task forces under the leadership of the VAF Administrator.

Task forces are established on an on-going and flexible matter.  Committees meet on an as needed basis to further promote the growth of our educational programs. An umbrella of three (3) major VAF Program Committees governs twelve  (12) committees and sub-committees.

VAF Education Development

The VAF Education Development Committee helps the Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce with the design of its technical assistance directions to help entrepreneurs meet the challenges of establishing, growing and expanding small businesses. Committee members work on the concerns of the entrepreneurs in small business growth and development.

Three sub-committees support the VAF Education Mission:

1. Industry Council Education Development Sub-Committee

The Industry Council Education Development Committee helps the Asian Chamber with tracking important key industry trends, issues, and solutions in architecture, engineering, and construction trades.

2. International Education Sub-Committee

This Committee has given inputs and insights to help the Asian Chamber develop international education seminars, or forums, annually. 

3. The Asian Student Scholarship Development Sub-Committee

The VAF Asian Student Scholarship Development Committee supports the Student Scholarship program.  Committee members help the Scholarship with raising scholarship funds and encouraging qualified students to apply for the scholarship awards program.