Membership FAQ

The Bottom Line about Your Asian Chamber Membership

1. What can the Virginia Asian Chamber do for me that other Chambers cannot do?

  • The Virginia Asian Chamber works closely with other 40 mainstream Virginia Chambers to help make your positions known to Virginia legislators
  • At the national level, VACC works directly and closely with the Executive branch, the White House’s Asian Pacific American Initiative Office, the Minority Business Development Agency, the White House, and the U.S. Department of Commerce as well as a coalition of more than 60 other Asian Chambers and business advocacy groups to promote Asian American entrepreneurship and contract equity for Asian American businesses.

2.  Why should I join the Virginia Asian Chamber? What is the bottom line?



6 ways to maximize VACC membership to your business advantage:

  1. Take full advantage of the numerous opportunities to grow your contacts
  2. Take full advantage of all the free tools, resources, one-on-one counseling sessions,
  3. Participate in all business improvement workshops hosted or co hosted by VACC
  4. Advertizes your company on our webpage which collectively reach thousands of members and contacts.
  5. Exhibits or acts as a sponsor at major trade events hosted by VACC to bring your brand out to a targeted customer base
  6. Engage in committees when invited by VACC to help the Chamber with event implementation



  1. Take advantage of our 50 statewide hosted or co-hosted networking events to connect with small businesses, buyers, corporate leaders, local and federal government representative buyers, elected officials, embassy officials, academia, and other regional chambers and associations.
  2. Our Annual Gala serves as a unique opportunity for the Chamber to highlight the importance and influence of the Asian business community.
  3. Our Annual Procurecon Business Expo statewide is the Chamber’s prime event for connecting attendees and exhibitors directly with buyers from Fortune 100 and 500 corporations, federal and local government buyers, prime contractors; decision makers, and elected officials.
  4. Our weekly VACC Newsletters reaches 5,000 VACC members network of entrepreneurs, corporations, local and federal government representatives, individuals, associations, nonprofit organizations and political leaders.


Join the Asian Chamber now!

  • We accept new members year round.
  • For more information about VACC membership opportunities, please contact us:

Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce
Telephone: (804) 502-8081 – Email: