About us

Welcome to the Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce (VACC)

Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce is the leader in business advocacy organization working on behalf of more than 47,500 Asian American companies in Virginia which employ more than 97,000 employees and creating 18 billion dollars in revenue. We also represent businesses with headquarters offices from the state of Maryland, DC Metro area, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and North Carolina).

VACC, a certified IRS C6 Non Profit business organization, promotes commerce in the American markets and helps our members expand and grow their businesses by connecting mainstream businesses with our members and other businesses.

The VACC helps develop and generate new business connections for our members through our monthly statewide events, conferences, and initiatives. We partner with local, state, federal government buying agencies and international country market leaders represented through selected Asian embassies and we actively promote trade between the United States and Asian continent.

VACC‘s Asian American Business Assistance Center (AABAC) offers strategic business consulting and business development.  We act as a clearinghouse of contract opportunities from a network of strategic partners of larger size public/private sector buyers, and global market leaders to help generate increased domestic and international business opportunities.

VACC statewide satellite offices are in Fairfax (Training Center), Chantilly, Central Virginia, Charlottesville, and Newport News with meeting venues all across the Commonwealth.

VACC members are multistate: They are from Massachusetts, Delaware, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC Metro area, Virginia, and North Carolina. VACC ‘s Asian Pacific American (APA) members share a rich and diverse cultural background from thirty Asian countries.

Every year more than 2000 businesses and organizations participate in more than 50 of the Asian Chamber hosted or co hosted events statewide.  Our membership ranges from those representing some of the world most powerful corporations to one-person companies – and everything in between.