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Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce’s seasoned business counselors and leaders and business specialists have helped hundreds of Virginia businesses succeeding in the domestic market through our decade of business development and education activities.

With more then forty years of experience in international trade and investment our staff has also helped numerous Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 12.03.43 AMVirginia businesses understand global cultural nuances, create prospective markets, explore new opportunities, and establish productive operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Asian Chamber serves as a bridge between the West and East by offering cultural and business in-country information to help members gain commercial success in the Asian global markets. We do this by advancing Asia-Virginia business relationship and by addressing the challenges of doing business and international relations in the Asia- Pacific region. We help private businesses understand and manage issues related to the economic and cultural affairs in order to operate profitably in Asia’s region-specific markets.

We promote events that bring together stakeholders operating in or with vested interests in the region, creating a unique opportunity for business leaders, policy-makers, and academics to debate new ways of dealing with Asia’ emerging issues.

Exemple: The Economist ‘s upcoming International A.S.E.A.N and other Asian Country events:

South-East Asia Summit 2015 – August 20 in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
India Forum – Sept 9 in New Delhi, India
Innovation Forum- Oct 14 in Hong Kong, China PRC
China Forum- Sept 11 in Shanghai, China PRC
Indonesia Forum,- Feb 25, 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia