Chairman Phan Greeting Japanese HS Students

On July 29, Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce leadership greeted 8 Japanese students coming to visit Richmond, VA, from City of Ishinomaki, Japan ( Prefecture of Miyagi).

Ishinomaki was among the municipalities most seriously affected by the Tōhoku earthquake. Many public schools were completely destroyed, including Ishinomaki Okawa Elementary which lost 70 of 108 students and nine of 13 teachers and staff.

American teacher Taylor Anderson (from Ashland, Virginia, the headquarters of the Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce) was killed by this devastating tsunami. Since her death, her family has been active in supporting the Ishinomaki school district, and has set up programs to further English education in Japan.

This international meeting was part of the Richmond- Tokyo YMCA Program in conjunction of the Richmond – Saitama Sister Cities Commission (under the leadership of Miss Catherine Nexsen) – VACC ‘s international Japanese – Virginia partner since 2004.

In 2011, Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce and Virginia Asian Foundation Chairman also greeted 18 students from Ishinomaki who made similar visits with several school systems in Virginia.

Honoring our existing strong ties with JETRO ( The Japan External Trade Organization) whose top leadership- Mr Shiro Akiyama and Mr. Kenjiro Watanabe – came to Virginia to speak at VACC’s ProcureCon EXPO 2015 in May 2015 is a way for VACC to show our continuous commitment to nurture this most important global relationships between Japan and Virginia.

VACC’s ProcureCon EXPO 2015 –